Meet our Team of Dance Instructors:

Instructing your moves…

While dancing might seem easy if you’re a spectator watching it from the sideline as soon as you chime in to learn, it is actually a long and arduous error-and-trial experience!

Nevertheless, never mind that as that’s the ultimate reason why our studio hired a dozen of professional and seasoned dancing instructors…

All of them will be ready to give you a helping hand (or a leg) at any time!

Isabelle Bellagio

Owner/Head Instructor

Isabelle’s life has taken a lot of amazing u-turns over the last 40 years… At the age of 15, immediately after moving from Cuba to the US in 1976, Isabelle has begun to seek what her professional career may be…

Martin Nixon


Starting off in the ’90s as one of the prospects at our dancing school Classes, Martin mastered  the Jive so quickly, that he eventually went through almost all the rest of our dancing courses…

Marie Steady


Marie is originally from London, where she initially picked up her first dancing moves, studying at a local studio… Upon moving to the US with her husband, Marie has become so determined in switching her profession.

Mary Cameron


At the tender age of 23, Mary is one of our youngest dance instructors… Despite her young age, her extensive experience, and her natural talent leave many older instructors in shock! Having started with the Ballroom…